The COVID Pandemic continues to throw unforeseen obstacles.  Local schools have experienced in-person, hybrid, and virtual instructional models all in the first semester. The demands in education are already high, but the pandemic has intensified the work of teachers from new sources. Virtual instruction adds new challenges by changing the face of authentic and real time learning opportunities.

Thankfully, many organizations and businesses have seen the need to still provide learning opportunities for students. Even though learning may be taking place at home and field trips are nonexistent, learning is still a priority. Field trips provide authentic learning in that students get to experience history, nature, art, and science first hand. Authentic experiences build background knowledge for students and extend the learning process.

Check out this list of virtual learning opportunities to use in the classroom or at home. This list does not encompass all virtual opportunities currently available, so be sure to check on other educational opportunities of interest to your grade level learning priorities. 

Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center- Kaleidoscope Series

Theatre Cedar Rapids

Barnes & Noble- Author Interviews

First Book- Live Author Readings

San Diego Zoo- Live webcams and paid virtual visit packages

Yellowstone National Park-Virtual Tours and Virtual Walks

Monterey Bay Aquarium- Free Online classes and live webcams

Playworks- live recess on Facebook

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