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We asked kindergarten teachers in our four local school districts to rate more than 50 skills they look for in their students on the first day of school. Below are the 10 most commonly agreed upon and endorsed by our Reading into Success school districts.

Meet Page the Puppy! Page likes to meet new children and see what activities they are doing to learn the Ready 10! skills. Look for Page to find Ready 10! tips in our community.

The Ready 10! Skills

Completes personal care tasks without help (washing hands, dressing, toileting etc.)

Manages behavior in a group setting without causing disruptions

Identifies and follows basic safety rules with help

Print letters of own name with help

Identifies and responds to feelings of self and others

Carries out tasks and moves between activities, even when difficult, with little distress

Plays, learns, and interacts with peers cooperatively

Uses items that belong to self and others respectfully and appropriately

Speaks or expresses thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly

Uses tools to complete activities showing hand-eye coordination (scissors, fork, toothbrush, pencil, etc.)

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