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Summer is a critical time for learning.  Many students lack access to activities that could help them maintain their learning from the previous school year. Take 10! provides student with access to free books, the opportunity to choose what they read, and support from a caring adult. Before the end of school, struggling readers choose their ten free books and receive a journal, pencils, and markers to capture their reading adventures.  During the summer a reading facilitator sends post cards and emails to remind the students to keep reading.

Take 10! models itself after College Community’s summer program.  Both are based on the work of D. Richard Allington which shows access, choice, and support are key to engaging students to read.

Take 10! launched in 2016 at Pierce Elementary in the Cedar Rapids Community School District.  The program expanded to a second school, Starry Elementary in Marion Independent School District, in 2017.

Tables of books for kids to choose from